Are your clients getting the message?

As I walked through Victoria Station this week, I couldn’t help but observe the rows of Union Jacks hanging forlornly and seeming irrelevant with the passing of this euphoric Summer.

The blaze of Olympic euphoria, quenched with that stunning flame seems like a distant memory and it is business of usual, with the news back on form with its predictable diet of economic gloom.

So now that the Olympics is no longer centre stage in the national conversation – the collective question may be, what next?

September is the time when the kids return to school – the holiday season has come to an end and it now time to refocus with renewed energy. This period of time, when one season blends into another is the perfect opportunity to harness the positivity of this spectacular summer, as a means of promoting productive change.

Whatever your line of business, utilise your goods and services to reflect this message to the benefit of your business and your customers.